Friday, May 24, 2013

Project Preview

When Chris' parents came to visit it was far from relaxing...we actually put them to work...lots of work.   It really was a wonderful visit, probably my favorite visit so far since we added in lots of project time (poor Rob).  Since I am home every day I crave working on projects and since Chris is extremely busy at his job he comes home pretty exhausted.  I am extremely thankful my in-laws gave this very special (and precious) time to me.  I needed it to re-charge.  Grandma babysat most of the days while I got to work with grandpa.  Thankfully Rob was super patient with me. I tend to over apologize when I am learning things. It's kind of a nervous tick of mine.  He taught both Chris and I a ton and also did most of the work. We are forever grateful!!  Here is a little preview of what we got done while they were here...

Kitchen backsplash
Planting Bram's tree from Grandpa and Grandma (a family tradition)
Putting a floor down in the laundry room

Can't wait to show you more!!

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