Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Inspiring Big Boy Rooms

As Bram rounds the end of his first year we decided it was time to look for a big boy bed.  No he hasn't crawled out of this crib yet but he begs to sleep in our guest bed all the time.  It's almost a fight every day.  We know there is a possibility that it will be a big fail but it is worth the try to us. (We are keeping the crib in his bed just in case there are any issues).

As our scouring begins for mattresses I have began looking at options on changing his room to a more mature one.  I decided I wanted one that he could grow into for a few years to come instead of doing something he will grow out of in a year or two.  Here are a few of my favorite big boy rooms:

I absolutely love this room from "Just the Bees Knees" blog.  The gallery wall is definitely my favorite.  I also love the DIY blinds idea. 

Check this room out here

This room has an amazing book/toy area.  Love the organization!

Check this room out here:

This is another great room with awesome organization.  I love the sitting area.  Bram LOVES to read books. He would literally do it for hours.  He definitely would dig an area like this. 

Check this room out here

One of my favorite ideas for a toddler/big boy room is maps.  Bram loves to learn new things so I know he would enjoy learning from a map or two in his room.

Check this room out here
We decided we aren't going to be repainting Bram's room.  These are the perfect colors to bring into his room to make it more colorful and big boy like.  Love how fun these colors look together.  This room looks so cheerful!

Check this room out here

How amazing is this alphabet wall!!  A big DIY project but so worth the trouble!

Check this room out here

My must haves:

Mattress (obviously)
Twin bed (skipping the toddler bed)
Book/Toy area
New Sheets/Comforter
Sitting area
Gallery wall
Map(s) for wall
DIY rug

Right now Bram rarely plays in his room (it's just a place to sleep for him).  He would rather hang out on mom and dad's bed or crawl in and out of our storage chest.  I want to make his room a place he loves to go, especially after daycare is done for the day.  I am super excited to start this new stage of his life (a little bitter sweet...sad he's growing up so fast but excited for him at the same time).