Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Backsplash

I finally got my backsplash, thanks to Rob.  I have wanted it since we stepped foot into this house.  And boy does it make me happy every time I walk into the kitchen.  It was exactly what it needed.  We are so grateful to have Rob be there to do MOST of the work and help assist Chris and I learn the ropes.  It was actually quite easy...the hardest parts were the measurements and going around the outlets which Rob and Chris did.  I got to do the easy stuff...the fun stuff.  It was such an exciting weekend for me.  

It was great seeing my man have fun doing this project.  The measurement stuff was so easy for him.  I truly loved having him next to me working and seeing him proud of himself and the job we were doing.  He never once got frustrated.

Rob was seriously an amazing teacher.  He had so much patience with me.  I tend to say "I am sorry" a million times over and over and over. It's an anxious thing I do and can drive people nuts but it never seemed to bother him (at least he didn't show it...haha).  He answered the million questions I had and always explained why we had to do certain things.  We learned so much from him during this weekend.  It was so great!!

Here's the final result...let us know what you think!!