Saturday, February 16, 2013

15 months old...

Our little cutie pie is 15 months old...geez time surely does fly.  I can't believe the things he has started to comprehend and grasp so quickly.  You tell him to go do something not thinking he knows what you are saying and will go do it....he's starting to shock us every day.  It fascinates us!!
This morning he said nummy nummy and I almost melted.  He definitely knows the way to his mommy's heart.

One of our favorite things little Brammy does is lie on the ground and attempt to throw the football in the air and catch it (just like daddy).  It will keep him busy for almost an hour.  The ball usually smacks him in the head but he doesn't mind just tries again. He also runs thru the house yelling "go, go, go." "touchdown," and "football."  I can't believe how much football is a part of his little life already.

He's a daddy's boy thru and thru.  You can tell he already looks up to him.  As soon as his daddy walks through the door he grabs his football.  I wish I knew what was going through his head.  I love watching those two!!  It is such a joy to be a mommy.  I had no idea all the little things would be such a big deal.  I will cherish these moments forever.

Everyday there is something new!! It's been an amazing journey so far.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Figuring out the perfect backsplash

I so want to add a backsplash to our kitchen.  This is something I do battle with Chris.  He's on the fence....however I am determined to get one.  I think it would bring the kitchen to the next level.  It's so close to being there just needs a little face lift.  I just started looking for tiles.  I know this house isn't our dream house so I know I don't want to go too personal or flashy.  I want something neutral so when we do go to sell it someone else can imagine themselves living here.

Here is the kitchen now:

Originally I really wanted the little squares but now I know I want a subway tile.  I want something that brings in the black, grey, and brown tones.  Here are some great pieces:

This backsplash would be perfect....too bad I have no idea where it's from and how much it costs :(
10.99 at Home Depot
The same tile as above.  This looks very similar to our kitchen.  Love it!

$10.98 at Lowes

$131.99 Case of 11 from
$121.99 Case of 10 from

I think I am leaning toward the Home Depot one.  I purchased a sheet and it does look really nice with the cabinets and grey counter top.  What do you think???