Saturday, February 16, 2013

15 months old...

Our little cutie pie is 15 months old...geez time surely does fly.  I can't believe the things he has started to comprehend and grasp so quickly.  You tell him to go do something not thinking he knows what you are saying and will go do it....he's starting to shock us every day.  It fascinates us!!
This morning he said nummy nummy and I almost melted.  He definitely knows the way to his mommy's heart.

One of our favorite things little Brammy does is lie on the ground and attempt to throw the football in the air and catch it (just like daddy).  It will keep him busy for almost an hour.  The ball usually smacks him in the head but he doesn't mind just tries again. He also runs thru the house yelling "go, go, go." "touchdown," and "football."  I can't believe how much football is a part of his little life already.

He's a daddy's boy thru and thru.  You can tell he already looks up to him.  As soon as his daddy walks through the door he grabs his football.  I wish I knew what was going through his head.  I love watching those two!!  It is such a joy to be a mommy.  I had no idea all the little things would be such a big deal.  I will cherish these moments forever.

Everyday there is something new!! It's been an amazing journey so far.


  1. Lacey, I love your blog! I am also in the midst of updating our house and your posts are inspirational - I need some of that energy! Your pictures are very cute as well and I am excited to follow your future posts!

  2. Awwww thanks Emily!! I go through spurts of energy...this weekend was a very lazy one with nothing accomplished. I hate when that happens but it felt so good to do nothing. You could tell Bram loved it too!! You have to keep me posted on your projects. :) Thanks for your comment!!!