Friday, January 9, 2015

I am BACK 2015!!!

It's been such a long time since I opened this page up.  I've missed blogging and think of writing ALL the time.  2014 got away from me....I did not organize my time wisely.  Here's what you've missed:

We had a precious girl in March. Her name is Briar. 

She was seriously my angel.  2013 was a painful year for me so when my little girl was born she was the light that I so very needed.  She made me change my outlook and really focus on becoming a better person.  I needed to let go of pain and friendships that were more hurtful then good for me.  I needed to step back and look at the person I had become....I was holding onto a lot of grudges and very depressed.  I knew in 2014 I had to really focus on letting go.  It was a slow process but was kicked into gear when Briar was born.  Holding onto grudges and pain only made me a bitter person.  My relationships suffered, including my marriage. So I had to choose!!  I had to wake up.  I surrounded myself with amazing people, got involved in Church, and grew my relationship with God.  It was a good rebuilding year!!

In 2014 our growing boy turned 3!  I can't believe the changes he has made.  He's still ever so crazy!  He's a different super hero every day.  Today he's Clark Kent with his thick rim glasses and cape around his neck.  He seriously has been blessed with one of the best imaginations.

He is such a joy and makes us laugh until we cry.  He's obsessed with legos big and small.  He will play for hours.  He builds me a new spaceship for my office every day.  It's so special...he loves giving since he's learning from this over-spoiling mom (not sure this is in a good way).  He is a perfectionist and gets frustrated easily...probably got that from me sadly.  I hate seeing him get so frustrated when his tiny hands can't build the lego robot he's trying so hard to build. Mostly though he is a ball of energy that rarely stops (and I love it).  He is such a goof.  I have a feeling he will be the class clown no doubt.

My Etsy shop has slowly grown. 
I am still not a major success and am trying to add things all the time.  I love that my hobby has become a job.  I love it.  Some days are overwhelming when I am stretched thin with rush orders but it's mostly fun.  I will share more banners in another post. 

I became a Beachbody coach after joining an eat clean challenge group.  I love and admire all the coaches and customers.  Seeing the way these coaches devote their lives to helping others made me want to give back.  I will share my story in another post.  I love how this has changed my life!!  I am getting healthy while learning about health, fitness, and gaining the confidence I lost in 2013. I get to be surrounded by amazing people while developing relationships everyday even if we don't live in the same state. It's truly been a blessing.  Even though I haven't been a huge success I hope and pray I can help and reach others help regain what they once lost...even if it's a handful of people.

I am really excited for this year.  I feel like last year was a rebuilding year and this year is for me to finally LIVE!!  Live the life I've dreamed and build relationships that will last a lifetime...including my own marriage.  Chris and I get so busy and focus so much on the kids we forget to take time for each other.  I am excited to see what 2015 holds for us.  Welcome 2015...I am ready for you!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

5 Very Inspiring Girl Nursery Rooms

As we began our search for inspiring nursery rooms/ideas I came across these wonderful rooms that were way too beautiful not to share (click on the picture to be redirected to the original blog site).  Check out these amazing color themed rooms:

Gray and purple:

Gray and yellow:

Gray and pink:

Pink and turquoise:

Coral and mint:

Each of these nurseries have a ton of inspiring ideas.  The great thing about these rooms are all the easy DIY projects!!  We are about half way done with our nursery.  The biggest thing we have left is the gallery wall and I keep finding more and more ideas I want to add.  Hopefully by this weekend I will have it all planned out so we can finish it the following weekend.  Getting super excited!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Our Nursery Disaster Area

As we work on finishing up Bram's room, the babies room has become the disaster area.  Slowly we have worked our way through every molecule of dust, papers, clothing, toys, etc.  It's been a weekend project for almost 2 months...seriously.  It really seems like we've been working to clean and organize that room for months.  It's finally coming to an end...and I couldn't be happier.

Prior to being a nursery this room was our clothing closet since our closet space is so sparse in this house.  We knew it was only going to be a temporary fix until we added another little one to the family so we never did anything too dramatic or expensive.  Here's what we started with (I apologize for the horrible pictures.  They are from an old cell phone):

Wish I had gotten more pictures because we had WAY more clothes/stuff in the room. 

This is where we are now:

We've had a ton of help from Bram!  He's loving all these projects.

I hadn't realized how small the room was until we got the nursery furniture in place.  I had so many fun ideas in my head until I realized how little I had to work with.  In the end that helps us save money so I am okay with that.  Stay tuned for more updates. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Years...Good Bye 2013

Happy New Years everyone!!  Not sure about you but we had quite the be honest I am glad to put that year behind me.  Not to say there weren't some wonderful highlights but the negatives definitely seemed to outweigh the positive ones.   I am so grateful (in a million ways) for my wonderful family and friends for being there for me during some dark days (and not killing me...haha). I am really excited for a new start and a new positive outlook on so much to be thankful for...forget the past, move forward, learn to forgive, grow wiser, stronger, and be better all around.  I have so much to look forward to this year!! 

Here are a few of my favorite moments over the holidays:

We have quite the character on our hands!!  There is never a dull moment at our house. Can't wait to add our little lady to the mix.

I haven't set any resolutions for 2014 since I have so many other things on my mind but I have created quite the checklist!! :)  Before our baby girl comes into this world here is what is on my to do list:

DIY Projects:
  • Bram's room
    • Rag rug
    • Vintage car shadow box art
    • Revamp an old desk or buy cheap one to livin' up
    • Create gallery wall
    • Make roman shades
  • Baby's room
    • Rag rug
    • Letter art project
    • Heart art project
    • Create gallery wall
    •  Pom Pom corner
  • Master bedroom
    • Create gallery wall (can you tell I am in LOVE with gallery walls)
  • Kitchen 
    • Make roman shades
Big House Projects:
  • Finish Bram's big boy room transformation
  • Finish changing our extra bedroom/closet room to a nursery room
Organizing Projects:
  • Attic
    • Go thru ALL storage tubs and donate anything we don't need
    • File all paperwork stacking up
    • Shred junk mail and old paperwork we no longer need.
    • Make designated areas for all daycare supplies/files, etsy shop supplies, and important documents (right now everything is together)
  •  Laundry Room
    • Remove all paint and pesticides from the laundry room to small storage closet.
    • Organize laundry supplies
    • Hang wall art
  • Coat Closet
    • Reorganize and clean out all items that are no longer needed
Uff...that list seems long!! We don't have a ton of time left so we really need to get our tushies in gear.  Love me some projects...2014 here we come. :)


Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It's finally time to announce our BIG NEWS...Chris and I have been incredibly blessed and are thrilled to announce we are expecting our 2nd child.

We are beyond excited, scared, nervous, and have no idea what to expect adding a second little one to our growing family.  It's crazy the different emotions you go through while you are pregnant.  This pregnancy was planned so no crazy "oh crap" moments but still as the days get closer I get more nervous.  I know it was the same feeling I had before Bram was born but now it's "can I be a good mom to TWO kids."  I want to have a big family but I also want to be able to provide each of them with the best life, give them each the best care, and provide a loving home.  Obviously we will have no problem with that...just me being a silly, nervous, anxious mommy. 

Can you believe this big boy is going to be a big a SISTER :).

I am pretty sure he has no idea what is going on.  We talk about his sister every day but I don't think it's clicking yet.   I do think he's going to be a very helpful big brother.  He already loves feeding the dolls and changing their diapers.  It's pretty adorable seeing him copy his mom with the daycare kids.  He also LOVES to help mom clean.  I love getting him involved.  He gets so proud of himself. 

I am officially rounding the end of 6 months...seriously have NO IDEA where the time has gone.  It's been a much quicker pregnancy then Bram.  I am sure having him around has made things seem like they are flying by.  My first trimester was completely opposite of what I dealt with prior.  This time I was nauseous and dizzy all the time, migraines galore, yucky acne, and everything else except throwing up.  Once I hit the second trimester things changed almost instantly.  I'm feeling much better.

Preparing for this little lady has been super exciting.  Baby girl clothes and nursery stuff is so much more fun and cuter then little boy stuff.  It's very hard for me to resist shopping EVERY DAY.  The nursery has been a very slow process but hopefully this weekend I will get a start on some of the decorating.   Like Bram's room, I am constantly changing my mind on everything: the decor, the arrangement, the theme, etc.  Can't wait to show you what we come up with.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

More Lovely Ideas for a Toddler Boy Room

Since Bram has done so well with laying on his mattress we are officially changing his room to big boy status.  Can't wait to show you pictures.  Here is our list's getting close to the big reveal...haha. 

Mattress (obviously)
Twin bed (skipping the toddler bed)
Book/Toy area
New Sheets/Comforter
Sitting area
Gallery wall
Map(s) for wall
DIY rug

As I contemplate how and where to do Bram's gallery wall here are some more of my favorite ideas and accessories for toddler boy rooms that I love! 

Here is another awesome gallery many great ideas here.
View room here
Stripe bedding especially for a boys room.  A little boy could have this bedding for years.

Find bedding here:
Fun throw pillows like these ABC pillows from Land of Nod.

Find pillows here:
Revamped old desk.

View desk here:
Creative reading nook

View nook here:

Vintage car DIY art...maybe the cutest thing ever!

Check out how to make these here:

I keep finding great ideas so my plans keep changing...ugh! I really need to stop looking thru Pinterest and Etsy.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Inspiring Big Boy Rooms

As Bram rounds the end of his first year we decided it was time to look for a big boy bed.  No he hasn't crawled out of this crib yet but he begs to sleep in our guest bed all the time.  It's almost a fight every day.  We know there is a possibility that it will be a big fail but it is worth the try to us. (We are keeping the crib in his bed just in case there are any issues).

As our scouring begins for mattresses I have began looking at options on changing his room to a more mature one.  I decided I wanted one that he could grow into for a few years to come instead of doing something he will grow out of in a year or two.  Here are a few of my favorite big boy rooms:

I absolutely love this room from "Just the Bees Knees" blog.  The gallery wall is definitely my favorite.  I also love the DIY blinds idea. 

Check this room out here

This room has an amazing book/toy area.  Love the organization!

Check this room out here:

This is another great room with awesome organization.  I love the sitting area.  Bram LOVES to read books. He would literally do it for hours.  He definitely would dig an area like this. 

Check this room out here

One of my favorite ideas for a toddler/big boy room is maps.  Bram loves to learn new things so I know he would enjoy learning from a map or two in his room.

Check this room out here
We decided we aren't going to be repainting Bram's room.  These are the perfect colors to bring into his room to make it more colorful and big boy like.  Love how fun these colors look together.  This room looks so cheerful!

Check this room out here

How amazing is this alphabet wall!!  A big DIY project but so worth the trouble!

Check this room out here

My must haves:

Mattress (obviously)
Twin bed (skipping the toddler bed)
Book/Toy area
New Sheets/Comforter
Sitting area
Gallery wall
Map(s) for wall
DIY rug

Right now Bram rarely plays in his room (it's just a place to sleep for him).  He would rather hang out on mom and dad's bed or crawl in and out of our storage chest.  I want to make his room a place he loves to go, especially after daycare is done for the day.  I am super excited to start this new stage of his life (a little bitter sweet...sad he's growing up so fast but excited for him at the same time).