Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Years...Good Bye 2013

Happy New Years everyone!!  Not sure about you but we had quite the be honest I am glad to put that year behind me.  Not to say there weren't some wonderful highlights but the negatives definitely seemed to outweigh the positive ones.   I am so grateful (in a million ways) for my wonderful family and friends for being there for me during some dark days (and not killing me...haha). I am really excited for a new start and a new positive outlook on so much to be thankful for...forget the past, move forward, learn to forgive, grow wiser, stronger, and be better all around.  I have so much to look forward to this year!! 

Here are a few of my favorite moments over the holidays:

We have quite the character on our hands!!  There is never a dull moment at our house. Can't wait to add our little lady to the mix.

I haven't set any resolutions for 2014 since I have so many other things on my mind but I have created quite the checklist!! :)  Before our baby girl comes into this world here is what is on my to do list:

DIY Projects:
  • Bram's room
    • Rag rug
    • Vintage car shadow box art
    • Revamp an old desk or buy cheap one to livin' up
    • Create gallery wall
    • Make roman shades
  • Baby's room
    • Rag rug
    • Letter art project
    • Heart art project
    • Create gallery wall
    •  Pom Pom corner
  • Master bedroom
    • Create gallery wall (can you tell I am in LOVE with gallery walls)
  • Kitchen 
    • Make roman shades
Big House Projects:
  • Finish Bram's big boy room transformation
  • Finish changing our extra bedroom/closet room to a nursery room
Organizing Projects:
  • Attic
    • Go thru ALL storage tubs and donate anything we don't need
    • File all paperwork stacking up
    • Shred junk mail and old paperwork we no longer need.
    • Make designated areas for all daycare supplies/files, etsy shop supplies, and important documents (right now everything is together)
  •  Laundry Room
    • Remove all paint and pesticides from the laundry room to small storage closet.
    • Organize laundry supplies
    • Hang wall art
  • Coat Closet
    • Reorganize and clean out all items that are no longer needed
Uff...that list seems long!! We don't have a ton of time left so we really need to get our tushies in gear.  Love me some projects...2014 here we come. :)


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