Thursday, December 5, 2013

More Lovely Ideas for a Toddler Boy Room

Since Bram has done so well with laying on his mattress we are officially changing his room to big boy status.  Can't wait to show you pictures.  Here is our list's getting close to the big reveal...haha. 

Mattress (obviously)
Twin bed (skipping the toddler bed)
Book/Toy area
New Sheets/Comforter
Sitting area
Gallery wall
Map(s) for wall
DIY rug

As I contemplate how and where to do Bram's gallery wall here are some more of my favorite ideas and accessories for toddler boy rooms that I love! 

Here is another awesome gallery many great ideas here.
View room here
Stripe bedding especially for a boys room.  A little boy could have this bedding for years.

Find bedding here:
Fun throw pillows like these ABC pillows from Land of Nod.

Find pillows here:
Revamped old desk.

View desk here:
Creative reading nook

View nook here:

Vintage car DIY art...maybe the cutest thing ever!

Check out how to make these here:

I keep finding great ideas so my plans keep changing...ugh! I really need to stop looking thru Pinterest and Etsy.

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