Thursday, February 14, 2013

Figuring out the perfect backsplash

I so want to add a backsplash to our kitchen.  This is something I do battle with Chris.  He's on the fence....however I am determined to get one.  I think it would bring the kitchen to the next level.  It's so close to being there just needs a little face lift.  I just started looking for tiles.  I know this house isn't our dream house so I know I don't want to go too personal or flashy.  I want something neutral so when we do go to sell it someone else can imagine themselves living here.

Here is the kitchen now:

Originally I really wanted the little squares but now I know I want a subway tile.  I want something that brings in the black, grey, and brown tones.  Here are some great pieces:

This backsplash would be perfect....too bad I have no idea where it's from and how much it costs :(
10.99 at Home Depot
The same tile as above.  This looks very similar to our kitchen.  Love it!

$10.98 at Lowes

$131.99 Case of 11 from
$121.99 Case of 10 from

I think I am leaning toward the Home Depot one.  I purchased a sheet and it does look really nice with the cabinets and grey counter top.  What do you think???

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