Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our busy weeks...

Like I have said over and over because I am home all day with kids I tend to get very antsy to do house projects.  I really do drive Chris nuts.  I had finally gotten my wish... April and the beginning of May was crazy insane...lots and lots of house projects.  It was a dream come true...haha.  It actually has left me tired.  I feel content at the moment.  I still have my list but feel it can wait until I catch my breath.  I think this makes the hubby incredibly happy :).

Even Bram's exhausted from working hard :)

Here's my list for the remainder of May and June:

1) Create an entryway nook for daycare.
2) Fix basement door so I can start using it for daycare. 
3) Put garbage in cabinet....I hate it out for everyone to see and smell...ick!
4) Finish our landscaping.  We still need to add mulch to the flower beds and add flowers to pots.
5) Finish my rug project for Bram's room.  I keep putting it off.  :(  Can't wait to show you when it's finish...if I ever finish it.
6) Re-organize our closet room. 


1) Add a storm door to front door
2) Paint front door.  Everyday out walking I see front painted's actually rare to see one not painted. 

This weekend I will probably do a ton of yard work, including lay the mulch and plant flowers (Bram and daddy are sick).  Hopefully it only takes up one day so I can do a lot of relaxing with Chris since he's been working incredibly hard lately. 

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