Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Our Awesome Visitors

Before I show you all our projects we've been doing we had some awesome visitors last month.  We were incredibly lucky to have Chris' brother and girlfriend come for Easter.  We had lots of lazy quality time with them.  It was really great.  Even though we rarely see any of our families Bram recognized them right away...which makes me ever so happy.  Sadly I barely got any pictures.

We were blessed again later in the month when Grandma Jo and Grandpa Rob stopped in for a long weekend.  It was pretty awesome.  Bram is definitely blessed to have the goofy duo as grandparents.  They will surely be loads and loads of fun as Bram gets older.  Neither of them take themselves too seriously which is an awesome quality.  Chris and I love watching them interact with our son and how excited he gets to see them. 

Bubbles with Grandma

Popping bubbles

Helping mommy make cookies.  (Not sure grandpa was helping so much...he was helping daddy eat the cookie dough :)

Reading time with Grandpa

Bedheads...My favorite picture (Grandma probably doesn't think so but it is EVER SO cute).  You can tell Brammy enjoys his Grandma time.

Family walk
So much love from these two!!!

Love, love, love our families!!!!!

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