Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy New Years

Happy 2013.  I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years.  We celebrated with my sister's family in North Dakota.  It was incredibly low key...just the way I like it.  We played dodge ball and lighting or bump with her three boys.  We had lots of laughs and the kids seem to really enjoy it.

This year my New Years Resolution is to take more time for myself with friends and have some date nights or even date days with Chris.  Since Bram has been born we've gone on one date...yes one!!! He's 14 months old now and we've only gone out alone to eat once.  We feel like we burden people by asking them to babysit.  It would be different if we had family around but we don't so we choose to stay in and snuggle on the couch (which really isn't so bad :) ). 

I have so many projects I would like to accomplish this year.  Of course we have a limited budget so I am not sure if we can accomplish all of them.  Here is my goal list:

Kitchen projects:
Put together island (Christmas presents from both our parents)
Add backsplash

Formal living room project:
Clean and paint inside of fireplace
Paint outside of fireplace 
Create a picture gallery

Laundry room projects:
Add new flooring

Add picture gallery

Master bedroom projects:
Add frame gallery
Create a tufted headboard
Hang TV and shelves

Front yard:
Landscape (biggest and most expensive project)

Organize and store Bram's clothes
Go thru old bins and donate things we no longer use
Organize and clean all closets
Reorganize kitchen cabinets

My goal is to put together the island this weekend, clean and paint inside of the fireplace next weekend, and paint the outside of the fire place the following weekend.  Lets hope I can accomplish my goals!!  Let the fun begin!!

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