Wednesday, October 3, 2012

20 Unique Infant and Toddler Birthday Themes

Bram's birthday is almost a month away and I've just started planning.  Since I love organizing and planning parties I couldn't wait to put this little party together.  Some people may think I may go over the top but it's something I really enjoy.  And maybe one day I will become a party never know. :).

Since I scour the internet late at night for different ideas I thought I would share some really cute birthday themes I have come across.  These themes are so unique and don't include the usual cartoon characters. Click on the picture to view more.

Rainbow Birthday:

Candyland Birthday:

Circus Birthday:

Carnival Birthday:

Caterpillar Birthday:

Cat in the Hat Birthday:

Little Man/Mustache Bash Birthday:

Cookies and Milk Birthday:

Star Wars Birthday:

Superhero Birthday:

Red Riding Hood Birthday:

Disney Movie UP Birthday:

Lego Birthday:

 Goonies Birthday:

Sock Monkey Birthday:

Pirate Birthday:

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Birthday:

Hello Kitty Birthday:

Mad Science Birthday:

Rubber DuckyBirthday:

Stay tune to see what we decide :)

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