Sunday, September 23, 2012

Painting stripes on curtains

After posting Bram's nursery pictures I decided I wanted to do something with the curtains. I've seen so many pictures on Pinterest of people stenciling or painting stripes on curtains...I figured I could do that. Plus I knew Chris wouldn't approve of me buying new ones so I decided I would try my hand at painting stripes.

I decided on stripes over stenciling because I wanted to copy Bram's sheets.  Here's a close up of the sheets (Bram at 20 weeks old):

Blue Steel

What I used:
4 inch roller
1 ½ inch blue painters tape
Paint samples from Lowes
Garbage bags (since I didn't have any plastic sheeting) to catch the paint if it went thru the fabric

The paint colors I chose:

To begin I took the blue painters tape and marked the first line right above the hem. I did this for both the top and bottom, then measured with my yard stick 2 inches and made 4 or 5 very small marks along the fabric. I then took the yard stick and placed it on the small marks so I could place my next line. Since I am a perfectionist the yard stick helped make it easier and faster to create a straight line. Make sure there are no bumps or folds in your fabric. Once I got my second stripe down I measured 4 inches to make my next line, then 2 inches to make the last line.

Time to paint :)

I used more paint then I was expecting. I actually finished and even scraped the bottom of my paint can. The fabric really absorbed the paint. Make sure you put it on evenly and if your paint color is dark you may need to apply 2 coats. I painted the green lines first and then let it dry before applying the blue paint. 

Once all paint was dry I removed the tape and Viola...:)

I was pleasantly surprised!!

Ohhhh and this is what I woke up to this morning... I think he likes the curtains too.  :)

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