Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Football Weekend:

My family weekends consist of mostly football.  Sadly we plan our weekends around it.  Friday nights we usually walk over to the football fields next to us and watch "Friday Night Lights".  Saturdays, Chris and I play in a Coed Football League...we absolutely love it.  Plus we get to see our wonderful friends (which seems rare these days).  Saturdays also consist of lots of college football.  Sundays, the Vikes play...this is a very stressful day since the Vikes often get our hopes up then they come crashing down.  Chris spends lots of time yelling at the TV :) and I spend lots of time shushing him and rolling my eyes. When the Vikes aren't on Chris usually spends his time flipping through the other games to track his fantasy players....this usually ends with more yelling...haha.

I grew up in a football home since my father has coached football for 27 years.  Our life was often put on hold because football was such a big part of his life.  It was on our TV 24/7...literally.  My father would watch game tapes over and over again.  At times it was pretty brutal especially for a girl.  It was almost an obsession for him.  I hated it! And this obsession isn't just my fathers he has my mother brainwashed too...haha.  You walk into our house when my father isn't home and there will be a football game on.   It's not just his life but it has become hers.  She's his biggest fan and supporter.

It's funny how things work out.  Now that I have my own family I look forward to our football weekends.  Of course it's not quite the obsession as my fathers but it's something I am now proud of. I love my father's passion for the game and see the same in my husband.  That's maybe why I adore my husband so much. Now here we are already passing it on to our little guy....

Hopefully one day we will be lucky enough to see him play football and maybe his daddy can even coach. :)

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