Friday, January 18, 2013

Our Kitchen

I promised I would post pictures of our new kitchen island.  Like I said before I originally wanted a custom island but am now glad we did choose to go this route.  We saved a lot of money and it's really nice...thanks again to both of our amazing parents.

Our kitchen is nice but not quite what I would call perfection.  It's lacking some character.  One we purchased our house it was one of my favorite things about it but now I feel it needs a little's dull and boring.

Can you say "Backsplash"

BACKSPLASH Please!!!!"
Perfect spot for a nook
Need different accessories

My list of must haves are (in order of importance):

Change light fixture (it doesn't this is a huge must)
Add a backsplash
Put garbage in a cupboard (I hate it out for everyone to's kind of an eye soar and it takes up space)
Add curtains and change cheap blinds
Create a nook for sitting and hanging daycare items
Add a few more accessories/pictures
Purchase new rug

Uff...that list was longer then I intended.  The accessories and rug are extras if I find something I MUST HAVE.  I have a tendency to jump around to room to room doing projects.  I would like for once to finish one room then move on to the next.  I am thinking the kitchen could be that husband will probably think otherwise. :( 

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