Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lattice wall with NO stencil.

My husband happened to be traveling the week I decided to take on my first big DIY project...well big for me. I asked my friend, Michelle for help. I don't think she knew what she got herself into. I am a perfectionist and hate screwing up. Sometimes I would rather not do a project if I can't do it perfectly. Why risk it looking ugly, right??

So the 2 day project began. The tools we used were a blue chalk reel, ruler, pencil, 2 inch blue painters tape, ladder and paint. How hard could this be? We started by creating a huge X in the center of the wall, going from one side to the next. I was on the ladder and she was below; so I measured and marked the high spots while she measured and marked the low spots. Once we had our mark we would take the chalk line and each hold our end on the marks, then snapped the chalk line. In the beginning we were not good with the snapping. Many times we weren't even close to our marks so we had to snap again, sometimes re-doing it 3 or 4 times. I think Michelle thought I was a nut job but she's an awesome girl with a ton of patience so she stuck with me. Once the mark was correct we would follow the blue chalk line with the painters tape.  Next we measured 12 inches (the inspiration room measured 16 inches apart) from the previous tape edge to make the next line and so on and so on.

Our first day ending point (ignore the heaping pile of junk below it):

I wish I would have gotten a picture of how messy we were.  We were covered in blue chalk. 

The second day went a lot smoother and faster:

Here is the end product after I painted the room with 2 coats. I am definitely proud of this project. I thinks it's really unique and adds so much to the room.

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